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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nepal vs Thailand Head to Head ,ACC U-19 womens championship Final

-Birat Raya

Nepal is playing final of ACC U-19 womens championship  today third consecutive time in Kuwait after beating Bhutan in the breathtaking match yesterday.
Nepal is still unbeaten in this format of the game who was the winner of both edition of the tournament.
Nepal and Malayasia was the first finalist of the tournament who played final in the year 2008 in the first edition of ACC U-19 womens championship .Malayasia was beaten by 7 wickets in that match which was the first title win of  histry of Nepali womens cricket .
In the year 2010 Nepal was again in the final of the tournament and the opponent was Bhutan.
Nepali team registered 5 wickets win in that match held in Singapore.

Nepali team is looking strong as always in this tournament also, only Bhutan gave good chalange in the semifinal match yesterday.
Nepali team wanst to beat Thailand today and want to do Hat-trick by winning the title.
Nepali and Thailand already meet each other in the group match of ongoing tournament,which was won by Nepal by 4 wickets.
Indu varma played pressure knock of 40 runs not out in that match which pulled Nepal towards win.

Score card Highlight of that match ( ACC U-19 womens championship 2012,Group -A)

Toss-Thailand won the toss and choose to bat
Result-Nepal won by 4 wickets
Player of the match - Indu Varma
Thailand-86/4 off 25 overs ( S.Saengsakaorat 34*)
Nepal- 87/6 off 22.3 overs( Indu Varma 40*)

Nepal and thailand also meet eachother in the semifinal of 2008 ACC U-19 womens championship which was won by Nepal very comfortably by huje 83 runs .

Here is the score Highlight of that match ( ACC U-19 womens chapmionship 2008,Semifinal)
Toss-Thailand won the toss and decided field
Result-Nepal won by 83 runs
Player of the match -Trishna Sing

Nepal 132/8 off 25 overs ( Trishna sing 33 ,Binu Magar 23)
Thailand 49/10 15.5 overs(P.Prathanmir 8,Sarita Magar 2 wickets,Rekha Rawal 3 wickets,Keshari Chaudhari 3 wickets)


Anonymous said...

hi how many run now of nepal?

pratik shrestha said...

I would like to say that Nepal should do well in order to win this tournament in the final by beating Thailand in the final although the team is not so good because it struggled with the Southeast Asian team for victory in the group match. All the best to Nepal and be well-prepared for victory. Special wish to Rubina who is the captain of Nepal.