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Friday, March 30, 2012


Birat Raya , Nepali Cricket


Shakti Gauchan
Birthday :- 1984 , April 22  ( Rupendehi )

Teams :- Nepal , Nepal U-19 , U-17 , CAN XI , Nepal Everest XI , Armed police force

Role :- All-Rounder
Left-hand Spinner
Right-arm Batsman

First international match for Nepal 
Against :- Oman , ACC trophy 2002

Best performence (Batting )
106 ( 103 ) not out  vs Italy , ( ICC world cup qualifying series 2005 )

Best performence ( Bowling ) 
5 wickets vs Iran ( ACC trophy 2004 )
Bowling figure  4.4-3-1-5

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fixture of U16 national tournament

Nepali Cricket News
Birat Raya

CAN announced fixture of U-16 national cricket tournament.

Groups :-

                       Group A                                    Group B
                    Region No. 2, Birgunj                  Region No. 4 Bhirahawa
                    Region No. 3, Kathmandu            Region No. 5, Nepalgunj
                    Region No. 6, Baitadi                   Region No. 1, Biratnagar
                    Region No. 7, Janakpur               Region No. 8, Pokhara

Region No. 3 Vs Region No. 6
T.U. Ground
Region No. 4 Vs Region No. 1
Engineering Ground
Region No. 3 Vs Region No. 7
T.U. Ground
Region No. 5 Vs Region No. 8
Engineering Ground
Region No. 2 Vs Region No. 6
T.U. Ground
Region No. 1 Vs Region No. 8
Engineering Ground
Region No. 4 Vs Region No. 5
T.U. Ground
Region No. 2 Vs Region No. 7
Engineering Ground
Region No. 1 Vs Region No. 5
T.U. Ground
Region No. 6 Vs Region No. 7
Engineering Ground
Region No. 4 Vs Region No. 8
T.U. Ground
Region No. 2 Vs Region No. 3
Engineering Ground
Final (A1 Vs B1)
T.U. Ground

ACC U-16 Elite Cup 2012

Dates:- 2nd -13th May 2012
Teams:- Bahrain, Hong Kong, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand 

Friday, March 23, 2012

ICC world T20 qualifer and Nepal, from the eyes of BIRAT

Birat Raya

"We have good bunch of players who puts their hearts out for the country,my only worry is that we did not have that much of preparation" Nepali coach Pubudu Dassanayake said this with me before the tournament.
And like he said our players performed well in the Highest level of compition they've ever played and Only thing lack we saw during the torunament was the preparation before the tournament.
Another time I want to mention that If we've get more good practice matches and also few Practice matches in UAE vs UAE  before the tournemane like Pubudu said before.
Yes we can confidently say after the tournament that our team can perform far better then this and we could've make our place in the next round and more then that also.
Nepal finished the tournamnet with 7th position
which shows our level
Now the tournament is ended and  this kind of talk isn't useful but CAN can learn many things from this tournament.
1-More practice matches ,good match exposure is the most important thing which can really improve the performence of Nepali cricket Team .
2. Nepali players are naturally talented and changes in the domestic cricket structure and more invsment for players CAN make huje different and there is no long way for Nepali team to play WC Cricket, if only few practice matches vs Indian 5th Class team is making a diffrence , Playing matches against the higher level team's in india can make Nepali team far better then this.
I've said yesterday also => we were so weak in the T20 formant not long ago , in the ACC T20 in our home we struggled in this format (Nepali team is very strong in the home condition ) , but after 3 month Our team showed Far-Far better performence.
Yes, the lost against PNG was the thing to forgot but that can happens in any kind of team of the world.
Nepal produce bowler like
Chandra Saud
In this tournamet
=> we  beat Hongkong by 28 runs ( In ACC T20 in our home we struggled to beat them )
=>we beat Denmark by 9 wickets
=>we lost aganist PNG by 35 runs
=>We lost against AFG by 34 runs [ ( Chasing the target of huje 158 runs , our batsmans showed good batting display , played all 20 over and made 123 runs => which performence shows that we can play against bigger team and we can give challange if we get good exposure , Team Afg. plays regular good cricket with good teams , also played against Pakistan and against England ( few players ) . ]
=>We showed confident in the batting against WC participated team Bermuda and beat them comfortably by 24 runs , we scored 151 runs in the 1st inning and restricted them in just 127 runs, ( We can point out our balace team in that match )
=>After that we lost the match against Netherland by 6 wickets where Nepali batsmans again showed nervousness ( like =>against AFG in ACC T20 Semifinal ) playing against big team which is our weak point and only way to recover from this is more match exposure against good team which builts confident of Players .

=>And against Canada we lost the pressure match by 18 runs and again Nepali team face same problem facing the Big team , Nepali batsmans looked so much in a hurry and their wicket fallen like cards , but I dont wanna give much blame for players,they did their best to chase the target in the 13 over which was like impossibe against big team like CANADA , their experience badly beat Nepali cricketers.
=> After that Nepali team Showed exellent cricket and beated 2003 WC semifinalist Kenya and PNG in the revenge match where they displayed Very good Batting and bowling .

Nepali bowler Shakti Gauchan is in the top of the wicket takers list with 16 wickets in just 9 matches with the average of 11.18 and Economy of below 5, also including the Hat-Trick.
Permormence of Shakti gauchan and paras Khadka showed the level of  Nepali cricketrs who can perform in the highest level and Our talend .
Captain Paras Khadka showed consistency in his batting hitting 3 Half-centuries in the tournament , before this only Nepali batsman scored 50+ runs.
Shakti Gauchan and Paras Khadka celebrating
the wicket against Bermuda
photo source- ACC
Young players like Pradeep Airee , Prithu Baskota also showed some matureness in their batting during the tournament which is plus point for Nepal.
Bowler Chandra Saud shines brillinatly in the first match of the tournament and performed consistenly which is a very good sign for Nepal and for our fast bowling depart because we didn't have the bowler who can bowl with a good pace and can also take wickets.
Basanta Regmi again showed who is he after being not in a good form he took 11 wickets and showed good batting also.
Anil Mandal came back strongly in the 4th match and showed he can perform in T20 cricket also , and now we have balance opening pairs who can give good start and can set good platform for our strong middle order .
Yes there was some performences also by our experience players like Mehboob,Sanjam,Sharad,Gyanendra,Paresh but I dont wanna talk about them now. Overall our players performed well with the many internal Problems with their back but Again we showed What is Nepali cricket team and What we can do .
Nepal was there in UAE not with the target of moving to next level but They played like a very good team and showed good cricket in the highest level , which indicates   many things about the future of Nepali cricket team .


( Sorry!! for my poor english )


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nepali cricket photos

Basanta Regmi smiling after decleared man of the match
against Kenya
photo ACC ( ICC world T20 qualifier 2012 )
Drive of Paras Khadka
photo ACC (ICC world T20 qualifier 2012 )
Chandra Saud bowling
photo ACC - ( ICCworld T20 qualifier 2012 ) 
Paras Khadka bowling against Netherland
photo ACC ( ICC world T20 qualifier 2012 )
Basanta Regmi batting against Netherland
photo ACC ( ICC world T20 qualifer 2012 )
Shakti Gauchan appeal for LBW
photo :- ACC  ( ICC world T20 qualifier  2012) 

Paras Khadka playing reverse sweep against Bermuda.
photo ACC -  ( ICC world T20 qulaifer 2012)
Prithu Baskota's reaction after his wicket
photo-ACC ( ICC world T20 qualifier 2012 ) 

Shakti Gauchan playing reverse sweep .
Photo- ACC ( ICC world T20 qulaifier 2012 )

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nepal beat Barmuda by 24 runs

Birat Raya , Nepali Cricket News

Nepal beat Bermuda by 24 runs in the 5th match of ICC world T20 qualifer today .

Here is the scorecard highlight of the match 
Toss:- Nepal won the toss and elected bat first
Result :-  Nepal won by 24 runs
Man of the match :- Paras Khadka

Nepal innings :- 151/6 ( 20 overs ) 
Paras Khadka 65 (48) not out ( Fours-8 , Six -1 )
Sharad Vesawakar 44 (37) ( Fours - 6 , Six - 0 )
Pradeep Airee 15 (14)  ( Fours-2 , Six -0 )
Basanta Regmi 10 (4) ( Fours-1 , Six - 0 )
Anil Mandal 7 , Mehboob Alam 5 , Gyanendra Malla 2 , Prithu Baskota 0

Bermuda Bowling :-
D. Stovell 4 wickets ( 4-0-25-4 )
JE. Pitches 2 wickets ( 3-0-29-2 )
Point table after today's matches  

Bermuda innings :-127/5 ( 20 overs ) 
JJ. Tucher 32 runs
Dl. Hemp 26 runs

Nepal bowling :-
Shakti Gauchan  3 wickets ( 4-0-17-3 )
Paras Khadka  1 wicket ( 4-0-31-1 )

Tomorrow's matches 
NEPAL vs NETHERLAND ( Netherland is in the 2nd position > 4 win , 1 lost ) 
CANADA vs DENMARK ( Denmark in the 7th position . 1 win , 4 lost ) 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nepal vs Afghanistan , HEAD to HEAD

Birat Raya , Nepali Cricket News

Nepal will play their fourth match of ICC World T20 Qualifier  today against Afghanisthan at Sharjah cricket Stadium,Dubai.
Nepal lost yesterday's match against PNG by 35 runs which was their first lost of the tournament.Nepal has beaten Hongkong and Denmark in the first 2 matches.
Afghanistan is strong team of the tournament and they are still unbeaten in the tournament,they beat PNG in the first match by 6 wickets , Netherland by 4 wickets and Denmark by 89 runs.
Nepal wants to win the match today against Afg. to make thier hope strong for the next round of the tournament.
Nepal and Afghanistan has played Two  T20 matches before today's match , both of the matches was One sided match won by Afghanistan.
They played first T20 match in the ACC T20, 2007 where Nepal lost the match by 6 wickets and last time they meed together was in the Semi-final of ACC T-20 which match won by Afghanistan by Huge 9 wickets.

Here is the score-card Highlight of Previous Nepal vs Afghanistan match 

ACC T20 2007 , Group "A"match 
Toss:- Nepal won the toss and decided to bat first
Result :- Afghanistan won by 6 wickets

Nepal innings :- 121/7 ( 20 overs ) 
Paresh Lohani 45 ( 53)
Gyanendra Malla 34 (24)
Basanta Regmi 14 (7) not out
Dipendra Chaudhari 6 , Mehboob Alam 5

Afghanistan bowling :-
Hamid Hasan 2 wickets ( 4-1-10-2 )
Ahmed Shah 2 wickets ( 4-0-30-2 )

Afghanistan innings :- 124/4 ( 18.5 overs ) 
Nawroj Mangal 66 (64) not out
Samiullah Shenwari 18 (15) not out
Mohammad Nabi 16 ( 17)
Karim Sadiq 15 ( 9)

Nepal bowling :- 
Binod Das 2 wickets ( 3.5-0-32-2 )
Shakti Gauchan 1 wicket (4-0-15-1)

ACC T20 2011 , Semifinal match 
Toss:- Nepal won the toss and decided to bat
Result :- Afghanistan won by 9 wickets
Man of the match :- Dawlat Jadran

Nepal innings :-68/9 ( 16 overs ) 
Parash Khadka 30 (29)
Basanta Regmi 10 (13)
Pradeep Airee 9 (11)
Afghanistan bowling :-
Dawlat Jadran 4 wickets (3-0-13-4 )
Zamir Khan 2 wickets ( 3-0-13-2 )

Afghanistan innings :- 70/1 ( 9.2 overs ) 
Karim Sadiq 32 ( 26)
Sabir Noori 27 ( 22) not out
Mohammad Shahzad 6 ( 8) not out
Nepal bowling :-
Basanta Regmi 1 wicket ( 4-0-12-1)

Nepali Squad for the ICC world T20 qualifer :- 

P Airee, M Alam, P Baskota, A Bhattarai, SP Gauchan, K Karki, P Khadka*, PP Lohani, G Malla†, AK Mandal, B Regmi, S Regmi, C Sawad, S Vesawkar

Afghanistan Squad  for ICC world T20 qualifer :- 

Dawlat Zadran, Gulbodin Naib, Izatullah Dawlatzai, Javed Ahmadi, Karim Sadiq, Mirwais Ashraf, Mohammad Nabi, Mohammad Shahzad†, Nawroz Mangal*, Noor Ali Zadran, Samiullah Shenwari, Shabir Noori, Shapoor Zadran, Zamir Khan

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nepal beat Denmark by 9 wickets

Birat Raya , Nepali cricket news

Neapl beat Denmark by 9 wickets  in the second match of ICCworld T20 qualifer today at GCA cricket Dubai.
Shakti Gauchan ( file photo)
photo source-Nepali cricket fans dubai
- Shakti Gauchan took Hat-Trick in the match and became 1st bowler to take Hat-Trick for Nepal in International cricket.
- Pradeep Aire made 65 runs not out from just 43 runs , which was the third highest score in T20 cricket for Nepal and also third fifty by Nepali batsman in T-20 cricket.

Here is the Highlight of the match:-
Neapl vs Denmark 

Toss:- Denmark won the toss and elected bat first
Result:- Nepal won by 9 wickts
Man of the match -Shakti Gauchan for his 4 wickets and Hat-Trick

Denmark Innings :- 82 all out (19.1 overs )
FA Klokker 21 runs
Rizwan Mahmood 13 runs
Jea Moniz 13 runs

Nepal bowling :-
Shakti Gauchan 4 wickets ( 4-0-20-4 )
Prithu Baskota 2 wickets (2.1-0-4-2 )
Basanta Regmi 1 wicket (4-0-20-1)
Sanjam Regmi 1 wicket ( 4-0-10-1 )
Chandra Saud 0 wicket (2-0-14-0)

Nepal innings :- 85/1 ( 12.4 overs )
Pradeep Airee 65 ( 43 ) , 4 sixes , 7 fours
Sharad Vesawakar 13 ( 28 ) , 1 fours
Paresh Lohani  3 ( 5 )

Hongkong bowing :-
San Anjum  1 wicket ( 3-1-14-1 )

Neapl's playing 11-

P Airee, M Alam, P Baskota,  SP Gauchan, P Khadka*†, PP Lohani, G Malla, B Regmi, S Regmi, C Sawad, S Vesawkar

Point table after today's matches 
Nepal will play 3rd match against Papua New Guinea tomorrow , 3:45 PM (nepali time ) 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nepal beat Hongkong by 28 runs

Birat Raya , Nepali Cricket News :-

Nepal beat Hongkong by 28 runs  in the first match of ICC world T20 qualifier today at GCA2 cricket ground Dubai.

Here is the summary of the match :-
Nepal vs Hongkong 
Toss:- Nepal won the toss and elected to bat first
Result:- Nepal won by 28 runs
Point:- Nepal 2 , Hongkong 0
Man of the match:- Paras Khadka

Nepal innings :-  
Paresh Lohani :- 12 ( 12 )
Pradeep Aire :- 0 ( 1 )
Sharad Vesawakar :- 2 ( 6 )
Paras Khadka :- 68(62)
Gyanendra Malla :- 26 ( 24)
Mehboob Alam :- 13(15)
Basanta Regmi :- 2(3) not out
Prithu Baskota :- 0(1)

Hongkong bowling:-
Munir Dar 3 wickets

Hongkong innings :- 
Nizakat Khan 32(27)
Waqas Barkat 15(15)
Asif Khan 17(11)
JJ atkinson 14 (8)

Nepal bowling :- 
Chandra Saud  - 4 wickets ( 4-0-24-4 )
Shakti Gauchan - 2 wickets ( 4-1-11-2 )
Sanjam Regmi - 2 wickets ( 4-0-18-2 )

Tomorrow;s match :- Nepal vs Denmark , 3:45 PM ( nepali time) 

Point Table after 1st day matches :- 

Group A
Teams Mat Won Lost Tied N/R Pts Net RR For Against
Netherlands 1 1 0 0 0 2 +2.100 135/20.0 93/20.0
Nepal 1 1 0 0 0 2 +1.400 130/20.0 102/20.0
Afghanistan 1 1 0 0 0 2 +0.347 113/19.0 112/20.0
Denmark 1 1 0 0 0 2 +0.304 117/19.1 116/20.0
Bermuda 1 0 1 0 0 0 -0.304 116/20.0 117/19.1
Papua New Guinea 1 0 1 0 0 0 -0.347 112/20.0 113/19.0
Hong Kong 1 0 1 0 0 0 -1.400 102/20.0 130/20.0
Canada 1 0 1 0 0 0 -2.100 93/20.0 135/20.0
Group B
Teams Mat Won Lost Tied N/R Pts Net RR For Against
Italy 1 1 0 0 0 2 +1.979 90/14.0 89/20.0
Scotland 1 1 0 0 0 2 +0.700 178/20.0 164/20.0
Uganda 1 1 0 0 0 2 +0.264 124/19.2 123/20.0
Namibia 1 1 0 0 0 2 +0.200 160/20.0 156/20.0
Ireland 1 0 1 0 0 0 -0.200 156/20.0 160/20.0
United States of America 1 0 1 0 0 0 -0.264 123/20.0 124/19.2
Kenya 1 0 1 0 0 0 -0.700 164/20.0 178/20.0
Oman 1 0 1 0 0 0 -1.979 89/20.0 90/14.0

Monday, March 12, 2012

Nepal vs Hongkong , HEAD to HEAD

Birat Raya

Nepal vs Hongkong , TODAY 
Nepal will meet Hongkong in the first match of ICC world T20 qualifier today at GCA2 cricket groud Dubai.

Nepal and Hongkong has played previously Two  T-20 match before this.
First time they meet together in the group match of Asia cup which match won Hongkong by 30 runs.
After that they meet in the ACC T-20 2011 held in Kathmandu again in the first match of the tournament .
Nepal beat Hongkong by just 2 wickets in that match.

Here is the scorecard highlights of Nepal vs Hongkong previous matches :- 

Asian Games Men's Cricket Competition - 2010  
Toss:- Hongkong won the toss and elected to bat
Result :- Hongkong won by 30 runs

Hongkong innings:- 115/7 ( 20 overs ) 
Roy Lamsam 47 runs
Waqas Barkat 31 runs
Irfan Ahmed 14 runs

Nepal bowling :-
Amrit Bhattarai 3 wickets
Mehbob Alam 1 wicket
Paras Khadka 1 wicket

Nepal innings :- 85/9 ( 20 overs ) 
Sharad Vesawakar 16 runs
Basanta Regmi 15 runs
Paras Khadka 13 runs

Hongkong bowling :- 
Nadeem Ahmed 3 wickets

Asian Cricket Council Twenty20 Cup 2011 
Toss :- Hongkong won the toss and elected to bat first
Result:- Nepal won by 2 wickets
Man of the match :- Paras Khadka

Hongkong innings :- 114/9 ( 20 overs ) 
Irfan Ahmed  25 runs
Babar Hayad 20 runs
Munir Dar 12 runs

Nepal bowling :- 
Paras Khadka :- 2 wickets
Basanta Regmi :- 2 wickets
Mehboob Alam :- 2 wickets

Nepal innings :- 115/8 ( 20 overs ) 
Paras Khadka 44 runs
Gyanendra Malla 19 runs
Basanta Regmi 17 runs not out

Hongkong Bowling :-
Irfan Ahmed 3 wickets
Aizaz Khan 2 wickets

Nepal squad :-
P Airee, M Alam, P Baskota, A Bhattarai, SP Gauchan, K Karki, P Khadka*†, PP Lohani, G Malla, AK Mandal, B Regmi, S Regmi, C Sawad, S Vesawkar

Hong Kong squad :- 
Aizaz Khan, Asif Khan, JJ Atkinson*, Daljeet Singh, B Hayat, Irfan Ahmed†, CK Kruger, JPR Lamsam, KM Li, Munir Dar, Nizakat Khan, KD Shah, MC Tucker, Waqas Barkat

Saturday, March 10, 2012

PM awarded womans cricketers, 2 lakh Cash for each cricketers

Birat Raya

ACC U-19 womens championship 2012 winner Nepali womens team awarded by prime minister Baburam Bhattarai with a cash prise of Rs. 2,00,000 each staurday.
ACC U-19 championship 3rd time winning Nepali womens team , with coach and two officials awarded in the program held at Baluwatar.
This is the highest cash prize in the history of Nepali cricket, before this ACC U-19 womens championship 2010 winner team was awarded by PM Madhav kumar Nepal Rs. 1,00,000 each.

Nepai womens cricket team with Prime minister Baburam Bhattarai
photo source- Shilu Rijal 

Awarded women cricketers :- 

1-Anuradha Chaudhari
2-Saraswati Chaudhari
3-Mamta Chaudhari
4-Santoshi Chaudhari
5-Kabita Gautam-v.c.
6-Rubina Chhetri-captain
7-Shraddha Aryal
8-Shilu Rijal
9-Sangita Gauchan
10-Indu Barma
11-Pratikshya Bashyal
12-Sonu Khadka
13-Dropati Kunwar
14-Aarati Bidari

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nepal beat Collage of Sports club in the super over

Birat Raya

Nepal beat Collage of sports club  in the super over today in the third practice match in Delhi,after both team reached 129 runs in the 20 over.
Collage of Sports Club needed 15 runs in the last over who mange to make 14 runs in the last over of Krishna Karki  which leveld the score of both teams.
Basanta Regmi bowled tight super over and just gave 9 runs ,which was easily chased by Nepal.

Score card Highlight of the match  :-
(3rd Practice match of Nepali team's Delhi Tour )

Super over :- Collage of Sports Club 9 runs in the over of Basanta Regmi.
Pradip Airee and Gyanendra malla batted in the Super over for Nepal.
Nepal chased the target of 10 runs losing no wickets facing 5 balls.

Nepal 1st innings :-  129/7  ( 20 overs )
Pradeep Airee 42 runs
Nepali team in delhi
photo- Pubudu Dassanayake 
Paras Khadka 33 runs
Basanta Regmi 12 runs
Sharad Vesawakar 10 runs
Gyanendra Malla 9 runs
Mehboob Alam 3 runs
Prithu Baskota 3 runs

Collage of Sports Club innings :- 129/8 ( 20 overs )

Paras Khadka 2 wickets

Nepali team is coming back tomorrow from Delhi.They are leaving for UAE this Saturday for
ICC world T20 qualifier.

Pubudu Dassanayake after the match :-
-Good game before the qualifier. Batting, we were short around 15 runs. Guys bowled well. Under pressure we missed few catches.  
-First day and the third day games were quality. Facilities was very good. Overall it was good prep before Dubai

Stay connected with us for more details ....

Source- Nepali cricket players ( facebook page) :- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nepali-cricket-players/186818938037512?ref=ts

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paras Khadka

Birat Raya


Birthday :- 1987 , October 24  kathmandu

Teams :-  Nepal , Armed police force ( A.P.F.) , Nepal U-19 , U-17 , U-15 , Region no. 3 , Ktm , C.A.N. XI

Role - All rounder
Right-Hand Batsman
Reght-Arm medium pace bowler

First international match for Nepal 
Against -  vs Bhutan , A.C.C. Trophy 2004

Best performence ( BATTING ) 
87 (68) vs Bhutan ( ACC trophy 2006)

Best performence ( BOWLING)
3 wicket  vs Oman  ( ACC T20 2007)
Bowling figure 1-0-6-3

Nepal beat Sahil warriors by 45 runs

Birat Raya

Nepali team in Delhi.
photo source-Rishi lamichane-Nepali cricket fans on facebook
Nepal beat Sahil Warriors by 45 runs in the 2nd practice match today in Delhi.

Batting first Nepali team made 143 runs with the lost of 6 wickets in the first inning .
Sharad Vesawakar contribute 46 and Anil Mandal made 42 runs for Nepal.

Chasing the target of 144 runs Sahil Warriors only manage to make 98 runs in their second inning.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nepal lost first practice match by 13 runs

Birat Raya
Nepal lost their first practice match against Jamiya University cricket team yesterday by 13 runs at Jamiya University Cricket ground.
Batting first Jamiya University made 142 runs with the lost of 6 wickets in their first innings playing 20 overs .
Chasing the target of 143 runs Nepali team only manage to score 129 runs losing 6 wickets.
Vice-captain Gyanendra Malla played not out 53 runs inning while captain Paras made 45 runs for Nepal.

Nepal will play 2nd practice match today againt same team in the same ground. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fans questions Pubudu Dassanayake's Anshwer

Birat Raya and the members of "Nepali cricket fans on Facebook" talking with Pubudu Dassanayake about the upcoming ICC world T20 Qualifier, his coaching experience with Nepali team and overall Nepali cricket.

Coach Pubudu Dassanayake
photo :- Birat raya

Fans => what about India tour sir ? which team we are playing against ?
Pubudu =>We are going to Delhi on the 5th. Playing 3 games. Not sure about the teams.

Fans => What is our main target in the upcoming ICC world T20 Qualifier ?
Pubudu => First three games are very important, If we win first three, we will build up a good spirit. First target is to make it to the second round.

Fans => First theree game against Hongkong , PNG and denmark , we can beat them ?
Pubudu=> Yes, My only worry is that we did not have that much of preparation.
Hopefully we can do some work in Delhi.
we have good bunch of players who puts their hearts out for the country

Fans => We have to beat the teams like Afghanistan ,Netherland and Canada to qualify for the next round
Can we ?
Pubudu=>Once we win the first three, that spirit will help us to beat one or two big teams.

Fans=>What about the playes , what you are doing to boost them ?
Pubudu =>We had a good team meeting in Mahendranagar to set our goals. Players are focus and hungry to get good results in Dubai .

Fans => Before goin Dhangadi for the national games , the main worry was saftey of players .
They are good ?
Pubudu =>Few little injuries. but nothing major .

Fans =>What you have to say about Sharad vesawakar and his recent big knocks ?
Pubudu =>He is back in form. If he contunes the same in Dubai, we will be in a good position.

Fans =>Who will be the man to watch in UAE ?
Pubudu => Chandra Saud will be a suprise for many teams .

Fans =>What changes have you  found with the team at the earlier stage and now under your supervision ? is nepal as good as canada?
Pubudu =>In last three months we have develop tremandously as a T20 team. It is one of the best talented teams in the associate world. Only thing is that we need more exposure at the top level.

Fans => How you rate the Quickies in the team, what are your expectation from them while the wicket in UAE is bit unsupportive for pacers? Whats your take on Krishna Karki, do you believe as dark horse?
It is good pack with Amrith, Chandra and KK supported by Mahoboob and Paras. Regardless of the wicket condition, they will have a job to do at the begining and at the end overs in the T20 version.

Fans => How r u looking forward to the match between nepal & your former team canada?
Pubudu => It will be a just another game. We have to win every game.

Fans => Can't you effort our players to take in Srilanka and play the league matches?
Pubudu => I can get places for our players in SL anytime. But money is the issue. Some how we have to send our players out after the qualifier.

Fans => Are you happy coaching the Neplease side?
Pubudu => This is the best bunch of players that I coach so far. I am going back to Toronto after Dubai. If CAN wants me, I will be back. But we have to have good plans going forward.

Fans=>What is your view on wcl division 4 matches? can we prooceed 2 div 3 n subsequently to div 2 to get a place in wc qualifier??
Pubudu => With this team we should easily qualify for the main World Cup Qualifier. That means we should win div 4 & 3.

Fans => Staggeringly enough, why is that Rahul Vishwakarma been axed out from squad of 14 while spinners will be playing vital role to fall apart the opponents in UAE typical wicket!
Pubudu => Rahul is good bowler and I hope he will fight back to come to the team. We are taking three main spinners( Basent, Sanjam and Shakti) and part timer Prithu.

Fans=>What are strategies against Afghanistan, what are their weak points you find after playing in T20, Kathmandu??
Pubudu => We have collected weak and strong points and we will make our plans accordingly. Our batters have to handle Afghan bowling well.

Fans => Our batters aur fearful of Pace attack, it will be daunting task to face the pace bowlers firmly and comprehensively. Will they practice with ball machine to get used to with the pace?
Pubudu => We did lot of work. Hopefully we will handle pace well in the coming tournament.

Fans => Nepal leaked too many runs in the field restriction overs during the ACC trophy. Have you worked on that and in what way?
Pubudu =>Nepal is a good fielding side. We had few bad patches during ACC due to pressure. We have over come these situations and you will see the difference in the coming tour.

Fans => Why cant our batsman rotate strike freely? They are playing too many dot balls and putting themselves and their team in unnecessary pressure? our team scored less singles are also zero did you focus on singles when runs are not comming ??
Pubudu =>Singles are a big part of batting. But in hard batting conditions in TU, improving batting is not easy. Guys did well in India and they are improving everyday.

Fans =>As cricket is a gentles man game..how gentle do you find are our players? honest answer plz!!?
Pubudu =>Our players has to get more tougher on the field within the spirit of the game.

Fans => Nepal has not selected a specialist wicketkeeper this time, this may be a good move looking at the batting prospective.. But dont you think this will cost Nepal in some way like missed stumping or a drop catch???
Pubudu =>This is a gamble we took. I have confidence in Gynendra and Pradeep. And hope Subash will fight back and come to the side later.

Fans => Flexibility in batting is good specially in T20s but Nepal was too wayward with the batting positions in the ACC trophy. Even the players looked confused. Are we going to have a settled batting lineup this time around or the other way again?
Pubudu => T20 will never be able to have a set batting order. It is all about situatuions. Batters has to get use to this. Thats what I mention before about getting matured for this version

Fans => T20 depends a lot with allrounders.. are you happy with the number of allrounders we have got?
Pubudu =>Yes, allrounders always balance the team. We have good number of allrounders in the squad.

Fans => Once you were talking about making pool of fast bowlers, bringing speed gun and organizing two days tournaments. But it was postponed later on. What is the meaning of organizing those tournaments after t20 qualifiers??
Pubudu =>I wanted to see more players. Two day cricket will give players to show their talents better. My plan was to make a bigger player pool at the national level. That way we will see more competition and more competition will improve the team performance.

Fans => Our Nepali playrs make piles of runs and show their extra ordinary talent when they play domestic games but why is it not visible when they face international side?? Is it because they lack confidence or the skills..and are you trying to improve in this factor?
Pubudu =>More exposure at top level will improve this. For a example in domestic cricket you will get two or three loose balls, where in international you may get a loose in every twelve balls. So it means that batters have to still score runs against good balls. Only way that we can improve this by playing outside against better teams.

Fans => Are Nepal making special plans to handle some world class players in the oppositions like Hammid Hasan, Ranklyn, Kevin Obrien, Mishra and so on?
Pubudu=>We have enough talent in the team to handle these players. It is about showing their talent in the bigger stage.

Fans =>Boyd Rankin,Kevin O Brien,Mishra, Hasan , who is the player in our side to have same or near about that stature,who has capability to be a match winner in our side?
Pubudu =>Paras, Gynenadra, Basent and Mahboob has won games for Nepal in the past. They are our big names. But there are few more players also have improved recently.

Fans => Do you fancy our chances to Play T20 CWC, 2012 to be held in Sri Lanka? If yes, on what prominent prospect or basis?
Pubudu => It is a big tournament and it is hard to predict anything early. All will depend how we start the tournament. As a group we are capable of reaching top.

Fans => Why Players couldn't execute Dilscoop and reverse sweep significantly in the game??
Why patience lacks in batting of our batsmen?
Pubudu => They need more practice and also TU wickets deosn't help to play those.

Fans => Realistically, Cricket is a very funny game, to be a underdog is like to be a contenders in T20 tournament, what is the thing lacking in our players, Team Work, Aggression, Confidence, Balance?
Pubudu => To perform under pressure.

Fans=>What you have to say for your fans,Nepali cricket lovers , 
and our group Nepali cricket fans on facebook over 12000+ fans there ?
Pubudu =>
Nepal has the biggest fans base among the associte countries. Fans are always part of the development of countries cricket. Keep up the support. Thank you !!!!

Admin - "Nepali cricket fans on Facebook "
Participents :- Amit Sharma , Pravat stha , Saugat Dev , Sushant Pokhrel , Gautam Bhandari , Guru Dahal , Nitesh Regmi , Nancy Rimal , Dextor Corbin , Santosh Mishra , Spandan Samir .
Thank you so much guys 

Sixth National Games 5th day , Results

Scorecard summary of National games 2012 ( cricket )
By - Razsh K.C. ( Cricnepal.com)

Mens Final :- 
APF Vs Central Region
Result: APF won by 6 wickets & clinched gold medal. Central won silver medal.

Toss: Central won & elected to bat first
Central: 144/8 (20 overs)
Rajesh Pulami 43(33 balls, 2 fours, 2 sixes), Anil Mandal 38(27 balls, 6 fours, 1 six), Hasim Ansari 24(25 balls, 4 fours), Prashanna Shakya 15(5 balls, 2 sixes)
Basanta Regmi 4 Wkts, Amrit Bhattarai 2 Wkts, Paras Khadka 1 Wkt
APF: 147/4 (18.4 overs)
Paresh Lohani 38(23 balls, 5 fours, 2 sixes), Sharad Vesawkar 27(32 balls, 1 six), Gyanendra Malla 22 n.o.(16 balls, 3 fours), Mahaboob Alam 21 n.o.(14 balls, 3 fours, 1 six), Sanjay Shrestha 17(17 balls, 3 fours)
Hasim Ansari 2 Wkts, Nischal Pandey 1 WKt, Naresh Raj Giri 1 Wkt

Womens Final :- 

Armed Police Force(APF) Vs Eastern Region
Result: APF won by 28 runs and clinched gold medal. Eastern Region got silver medal.
Toss: APF won & elected to bat first
APF: 106/6 (20 overs)
Sita Rana Magar 47 n.o.(63), Madhu Thapa 27(31), Binu Budhamagar 12(8)
Anuradha Chaudhary 2 Wkts, Santoshi Chaudhary 1 Wkt, Shanti Chaudhary 1 Wkt, Mamta Chaudhary 1 Wkt
Eastern: 78/7 (20 overs)
Prema Gurung 16(26), Kabita Gautam 14(26), Anuradha Chaudhary 10(21)
Rubina Chhetri 2 Wkts, Neera Rajopadhyay 1 Wkt, Karuna Bhandari 1 Wkt


Western Region Vs Far Western Region
Result: Western won by 30 runs & clinched bronze medal.
Toss: Far Western Region won & elected to field first
Western: 147/3 (20 overs)
Amit Shrestha 55 n.o.(37 balls, 5 fours, 1 six), Dipesh Khatri 43 n.o.(31 balls, 5 fours, 1 six), Fazlur Rehman 27(26 balls, 2 fours, 3 sixes)
Prem Budal 2 Wkts
Far Western: 117/10 (18.5 overs)
Bikram Sob 24(30 balls, 3 fours), Prem Budal 17(7 balls, 1 four, 2 sixes), Rajendra Bam 16(11 balls, 2 sixes), Dev Narayan Jha 15(28), Bhuwan Kakri 13 n.o.(12)
Dipesh Khatri 3 Wkts, Lal Bahadur Adhikari 3 Wkts, Krishna Karki 2 Wkts, Bibek Chaudhary 1 Wkt

Womens :- Third/fourth place play off 
Result: Central won by 19 runs and clinched bronze medal.

Central Region Vs Far Western Region
Toss: Central won & elected to bat first
Central: 119/4 (20 overs)
Kamala Rai 28(48), Sobha Ale 27 n.o.(28), Sangeeta Gauchan 13(27)
Anjali Chand 2 Wkts, Asha Saki 1 Wkt
Far Western: 100/7 (20 overs)
Maya Rawat 23(41), Janaki Bhatt 22(21), Manju Bokati 14(12)
Sangeeta Gauchan 3 Wkts, Aarya Aryal 1 Wkt, Prabha Nepali 1 Wkt, Manita Gautam 1 Wkt

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sixth National Games ( cricket ) 4th day,Results

Scorecard summary of National games 2012 ( cricket )
By - Razsh K.C. ( Cricnepal.com)

Mens 1st game ( Semifinal -1 ) 

Central Region VS Western Region
Result: Central won by 27 runs & entered into the final 
Toss: Central won & elected to bat first
Central: 121/10 (19.5 overs)
Binod Das 56(30 balls, 3 fours, 6 sixes), Anil Mandal 22(13), Rajesh Pulami 11(15), Nischal Pandey 10 n.o.(6)
Bibek Chaudhary 3 Wkts, Lal Bahadur Adhikari 2 Wkts, Krishna Karki 1 Wkt, Bijay Thapa 1 Wkt
Western: 94/8 (20 overs)
Fazlur Rehman 28(30 balls, 2 fours, 1 six), Bijay Thapa 18 n.o.(17)
Naresh Raj Giri 3 Wkts, Nischal Pandey 2 Wkts, Binod Das 1 Wkt, Rupesh Shrivastav 1 Wkt, Pramod Basnet 1 Wkt

Mens 2nd game ( Semifinal -2 ) 

Armed Police Force(APF) Vs Far Western Region
Result: APF won by 20 runs & entered into the final
Toss: APF won & elected to bat first
APF: 149/8 (20 overs)
Sharad Vesawkar 34(32 balls, 2 fours, 1 six), Basanta Regmi 31 n.o.(14 balls, 1 four, 3 sixes), Paras Khadka 29(20 balls, 3 fours, 1 six), Paresh Lohani 14(21), Shakti Gauchan 11(7), Sunam Gautam 10(16)
Rajendra Bam 2 Wkts, Chandra Saud 1 Wkt, Prem Budal 1 Wkt, Bikram Sob 1 Wkt
Far Western: 129/10 (19.1 overs)
Binod Bhandari 47(24 balls 3 fours, 4 sixes), Pradeep Airee 31(22 balls, 2 fours, 2 sixes), Naresh Budhayer 11(19), Santosh Bhatt 10(16)
Basanta Regmi 3 Wkts, Paras Khadka 2 Wkts, Mahaboob Alam 2 Wkts, Shakti Gauchan 2 Wkts, Amrit Bhattarai 1 Wkt

Womens 1st Game ( Semifinal - 2 ) 

Eastern Region Vs Central Region
Result: Eastern won by 40 runs & entered into the final
Toss: Eastern won & elected to bat first
Eastern: 112/7 (19 overs)
Anuradha Chaudhary 25(39 balls, 1 four), Mamta Chaudhary 24(24 balls, 4 fours), Kabita Gautam 23(20 balls, 1 four), Kajol Shrestha 11(24)
Aarati Bidari 1 Wkt, Aarya Aryal 1 Wkt, Kamala Rai 1 Wkt, Sangeeta Gauchan 1 Wkt, Prabha Nepali 1 Wkt
Central: 72/7 (20 overs)
Sobha Ale 34(47 balls, 4 fours), Kritu Dahal 11 n.o.(12)
Kabita Gautam 3 Wkts, Sarswati Chaudhary 2 Wkts

Womens 2nd Game ( Semifinal - 1 ) 

APF Vs Far Western Region
Result: APF won by 4 wickets & entered into the final
Toss: Far Western won & elected to bat first
Far Western: 87/9 (20 overs)
Roshani Bohara 35 n.o.(46 balls, 1 four), Chetana Bohara 12(12), Bimala Bhatt 10 n.o.(10)
Neera Rajopadhyay 2 Wkts, Binu Budhamagar 2 Wkts, Sarita Magar 2 Wkts, Sonu Khadka 1 Wkt
APF: 89/6 (18.3 overs)
Sarita Magar 21(25 balls, 3 fours), Madhu Thapa 19(24 balls, 3 fours), Karuna Bhandari 11 n.o.(17), Neera Rajopadhyay 11 n.o.(14), Binu Budhamagar 10(8)
Chetana Bohara 2 Wkts, Asha Saki 2 Wkts, Anjali Chand 1 Wkt